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Why Us

Established in 2003, byrne·dean provides training, facilitation and resolution support to create kinder, fairer more productive workplaces. We aim to increase awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and create cultures in which people can achieve optimum mental and physical health and perform at their best. Through our work we give people the courage, language and information to have conversations in the workplace around their own and others’ mental health.

We offer a range of sessions for mental health champions or allies, as well as shorter interventions to generally raise awareness in the workplace. We work with employers to devise a programme of sessions that works best for them.

This site covers our mental health related work. For details of out other work please click here.

Why us at a glance:

• We are the trusted provider to over 115 clients across the globe, including leading investment banks, media and technology giants and international professional services firms.

• We are expert facilitators who collectively have over 60 years’ experience.

• We have worked in over 30 countries around the world.

• We have lived experience and personal understanding of mental illness and mental health problems, as well as positive mental health.

• We are accredited to deliver Mental Health First Aid Training.

• We’re genuine partners, we listen and we come up with a solution that really meets your needs.

• We have lived experience and personal understanding of mental illness and mental health problems, and of positive mental health.

•  We’re a trusted provider to over 115 clients across the globe, including leading investment banks, media and technology giants and international professional services firms.

•  We’re expert facilitators and many of us have extensive coalface experience from when we were employment lawyers.

•  We’ve worked in over 35 countries around the world..

•  We’re trained psychotherapists, HR specialists, coaches and clinical psychologists and are accredited to deliver Mental Health First Aid Training.

Our Mission

‘Working alongside our clients to help create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces’

We use our skills and experience of challenging workplace situations to help create working environments where everyone feels valued and included so that they, and the organisation, can thrive. We know that this will also reduce risk.

Our Values

We attract excellent people with coalface experience advising on employment problems and engage them in high quality, challenging work to bring about positive and constructive cultural change through a variety of different interventions.

Through the different aspects of our work we help employers create, embed and maintain sustainable, lasting workplace culture change.

Making a difference – We care about creating better workplaces, helping our clients engage their people – protecting them from risk.  We encourage and equip people to be accountable for the environment they create around them at work. We challenge the status quo and strive for impact and effectiveness in everything we do.

Doing what’s right – We work with the highest standards of  probity. We offer innovative solutions that best answer our clients’ problems rather than easy answers. We’re uncomfortable rolling out standard products and helping people tick boxes.  If the solution does not need to involve us, we will tell you.

Work in its proper place – We love what we do and when we are working, work is the most important thing in our lives.  We provide exceptional service and enable our team to meet our clients’ high expectations by allowing them to balance the competing priorities in their lives. Commitment and contribution during working time are what matters.

Connecting with people –We connect as a team and our team connects with the people we work with. We listen to what people are actually saying and value their contribution. These constructive connections inspire and enable people to change their workplaces. We challenge people to make the best use of their whole selves at work.

Our People

Making a difference

We are a values-driven business, and our commitment to making a difference extends further than the work we deliver with our clients. We are deeply passionate about what we do and use our knowledge and influence to create positive change in a variety of ways:

Carbon Offsetting
As a business that services global clients, we inevitably have to travel. By offsetting our emissions through ClimateCare since 2005, we are proud to have supported projects that make a measurable difference to people’s lives as well as protecting the environment.

Since 2005, we have offset 593 tonnes of carbon, which is the equivalent to 9,805 tree seedlings grown for ten years.

This is Me
Richard Martin is co-chair of the steering committee for the Lord Mayor’s ‘This is Me’ in the City campaign. This is Me is a pioneering City wide mental health campaign, initiated and led by the Lord Mayor’s Appeal team under the Lord Mayor’s 2016 Power of Diversity programme. Find out more here:

Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy. Each day around 16 people take their life in the UK and Ireland. Every hour, the Samaritans receive 600 calls for help. Their work is critically important in helping save lives. This is why we donate 2.5% of our income from our mental health related work to the Samaritans.

Pilotlight transforms the lives of disadvantaged people in the UK by offering charities and social enterprises access to the strategic business support they need to become more efficient, effective and sustainable. Our CEO Victoria Lewis is a ‘Pilotlighter’; using her experience to guide others in charities to help more people more effectively. Find out more here

Mindful Business Charter
We were appointed to promote and develop the Mindful Business Charter, an initiative to change the way that organisations work with their clients to remove unnecessary stress and so promote more effective and healthier working practices. Richard Martin leads this work. Find out more at