Alison Best I joined byrne∙dean in 2012 from national law firm Mills & Reeve having spent over 13 years in practice there and at City Firm, Herbert Smith. I am part of the core training team and am an experienced, informal, ‘thinking’ facilitator. Each session is different and it’s about meeting the [...]


Uxshely Carcamo I love to help other people – whether that is through just listening to them, supporting them or providing them with tools or information that they may find valuable.  This is probably pretty useful, given that I am a psychotherapist. I didn’t start my career as a therapist though – [...]


Sophie Clifford If you can resolve workplace issues before lawyers get involved, you should. I know this from practising as an employment lawyer since 1998, advising and litigating, having worked for the UN, government, SMEs and start ups, looking after employers and employees. Resolving workplace issues takes many forms. I love delivering [...]


Matt Dean Victoria Byrne and I started byrne·dean in 2003 to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces. Recently she said to me that it was always about saving lives too – people kill themselves because of what happens to them at work. Mental health and stress have always been a big part [...]


Katie Drysdale I joined byrne·dean in June 2019 after 12 years in professional services (eight of those in law) working across communications, brand and business development. Put simply, I work on building and maintaining reputation, so I understand the importance of good culture and ‘lived’ values for building a strong brand. My role [...]


Rachael Forsberg I’m passionate about helping to keep minds fit and healthy. Having the right knowledge to spot the signs and symptoms of the beginnings of mental health conditions and how to go on to build wellness and resilience is invaluable; I love training within organisations, sharing practical tools and strategies for individuals [...]


Jennifer Keane I joined byrne·dean in July 2018 with an events background as I wanted to be part of a company with a strong moral compass. I’m passionate about the commitment and dedication that the team have to creating kinder, fairer and more productive workplaces, and I’m proud to contribute to that goal.  [...]


Richard Martin I head up our mental health work as well as leading on our advisory and dispute resolution work. Before byrne·dean I spent 20 years as an employment lawyer in the city.  I trained and became a partner at London firm Gouldens before that firmed merged with Jones Day where I [...]


Mark O'Grady My world of work has changed quite dramatically over the past couple of years. I could never have imagined that one day I would end up working with an organisation that really wants to make a difference. At its heart, byrne·dean is about creating kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces and [...]


Geoff McDonald Through my 25 years at Unilever before my departure in 2014, I had a wonderful HR career in Unilever spanning numerous functions, business groups and regions, namely marketing, communications, sustainability, talent management, leadership development. This work took me across Africa, the Middle-East and Turkey, Australasia and Asia, Europe and the [...]

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