We help employers create cultures in which mental health and wellbeing is part of the conversation. We enable people to be aware, and to take notice, of their own wellbeing, and that of others; to know what to look out for, to know what to do if there are concerns, and to have conversations about mental health and wellbeing. 

We engage people with straight forward, memorable ideas that are relevant to them in their day to day working life. Our training sessions are practical and challenging. Our facilitation team are passionate, inspiring and “comfortable with the uncomfortable”. 

Unpacking mental health – shorter sessions for all staff focused on building knowledge and raising awareness.

Managing mental health – longer sessions for leaders, managers and others, that build on Unpacking, and equip them to have conversations with their people about mental health and develop their skills in this area.

Mental Health First Aid – structured two day course, licensed by Mental Health First Aid for England, to train specialised workplace mental
health first aiders.

A focus on stress – shorter sessions for all staff exploring what we mean by stress, our reactions to it and ways to deal with it.

Resilience – hour-long sessions for all staff on resilience building, optimising sleep and managing stress at work. These sessions can also be provided as one-on-one support.

Strategy and support

Resilience and wellbeing are now senior leadership priorities. Covid-19 has made that inevitable. The stakes are high for organisations and individuals. Many organisations are doing the same activities and finding it isn’t meeting the challenges of the times. If you’re ready to make a shift from activity to strategy, we can help.

We work with you to develop your mental health and wellbeing strategy in a fast and efficient way; based on what is actually happening in your workplace and aligned to your business’ goals.

  • We work in consultation with you using a simple three-stage process.
  • We identify the issues and what is delivering value and what is not.
  • We will develop a recommended way forward: how we do this can vary to suit your requirements.
  • We identify opportunities and targeted remedial action for areas of concern.
  • We help you set achievable milestones and methods for measuring impact.

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